Bid Management Software

Commercial Kitchen Bidding Made Easy

The bid and tender workflow is a key part of bringing a restaurant operator’s vision into reality. To efficiently and effectively execute a planned commercial kitchen design, there must be careful coordination between you and the designers, manufacturers, general contractors and architectural engineers who will all play important roles along the way.

This process of bid and invoice management presents a host of potential challenges: From verifying the functionality of commercial kitchen equipment to overseeing the costs of appliances and installation, there are tasks that are important not just on their own but as part of the larger scope of production and design. Manually correlating all the necessary information and specifications would be daunting if not impossible. That’s why we created Specifi® Quote.

Better Business Through Specifi® Quote

Whether you deal in commercial kitchen equipment, specialize in commercial kitchen design, or work as a general contractor, you likely spend a lot of time balancing the needs of your clients and suppliers while also keeping an eye on your bottom line. Specifi® Quote helps to eliminate the guesswork by giving you a comprehensive system with a wide range of capabilities.

You can:

  • Create, store and reference bids
  • Manage personal data of all your professional contacts
  • Access the pricing and contact information of more than 250 manufacturers
  • Import technical and commercial details for an entire catalog full of branded equipment
  • Regulate discounts by the package, piece or vendor — both as a seller and as a buyer
  • Generate bids and invoices using a variety of currencies and languages
  • Build customized price lists for individual producers

An Integrative Approach

Sync Specifi® Quote with Specifi® Design, and your bid management software is now a seamless extension of your 3D modeling as well as real-world construction. Rather than dealing in hypotheticals, you can request bids based on the exact make and model of the commercial kitchen appliances your design dictates, all with a few clicks of your mouse. Turn around invoices quickly using the status management tabs, export offers in one of several file formats, and update figures and account information instantly, whenever the need arises.

Ultimately, our integrative digital platform allows for consistent coordination of the bid and tender workflow for everyone who’s involved. Thanks to Specifi® Quote, you can achieve optimal performance using software that’s intelligent, intuitive and uniquely positioned to help your business thrive.

For dealers in the commercial kitchen and restaurant industry,

we have the technical solution to help you drive business.