An on-demand, cloud-based CAD/BIM symbol generator

Specifi® Configurator is a free cloud application that enables any registered and Manufacturer-approved user on-demand access to the complete digital libraries created by Specifi® Studio for its Manufacturer Partners.

Designers and dealers that use Specifi® Configurator can create the exact symbol they require for any piece of equipment in the Manufacturer’s catalog. These symbols can be requested as DWG or Revit format, and in the appropriate global standard for the desired destination region including language and units of measure.

These symbols are complete with options, accessories, and connections.

On-demand configuration, including options and accessories

Global, 24/7 availability

No software installation required

Free to access and use

Specifi® Studio Configurator propels manufacturer’s Specifi® Studio subscriptions




Compliance with current standards including FCSI and IFSE