The European Federation of Catering Equipment Manufacturers represents manufacturers of commercial kitchen equipment.

EFCEM is the only Commercial Kitchen Equipment Group represented in Brussels,  the highly respected voice of the European Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Industries. Through such high level of representation EFCEM can advocate and influence current legislation while anticipating regulations. With over 65% of legislation originating in Brussels, this is the heart of EFCEM’s work.

The launch comes at a time when EFCEM is working with the international community to develop a global framework for BIM. The aim is to create globally standardised parameters so that the BIM models can be used anywhere in the world. While parameters are already exciting for regions like the USA and central Europe, the parameters will also be available in widely used languages and will be applicable to common file types like REVIT, IFC and others.

BIM has huge potential to generate business for catering equipment suppliers and EFCEM is working to ensure our members get maximum benefit, and that the database is easy to use and cost effective.

Drewry Pearson

President, EFCEM


CESABIM is the Non Commercial database for foodservice BIM Models in the UK

The UK government has legislated that, by 2016, all public-funded projects must be undertaken using BIM (Building Information Modelling) software. The problem is that manufacturers, designers and suppliers of catering equipment will have to produce BIM-compatible 3D models of their products in order to have them specified.

The solution is CESABIM. Developed by CESA, the Catering Equipment Suppliers Association, in partnership with BIM specialist Specifi, CESABIM will make it easy to provide access to BIM models that can be uploaded into BIM software format.

The CESABIM resource aims to demystify the confusion around BIM and provides a focal point not only for designers to access manufacturers data and models but to bring everyone in the industry up to the same level of understanding. Some are likening the advent of BIM as being the same as coming from the drawing board to CAD. 


CESABIM is ‘a free to use’ resource for CESA members who are manufacturers and importers. The design community can download from it free of charge too. With no commercialism between the two, it allows the freed movement and use of this vital information.  BIM is here for the long term and CESA is proud to be able to provide this resource for the commercial kitchen community.

Keith Warren

Director, CESA